Fila Men’s Heritage Basic Comfort Fashion Bucket Hat



Cotton, Twill Woven Cotton – Strong, durable and comfortable, this high-quality cotton is easy to wear and even easier to keep clean and fresh. 90s Style – The benefit here is that this is a true throwback, not just something labeled throwback yet is fully modern. This is the old-school east-coast style of the early ’90s. Twill stripes – The wrap-around twill stripes are definitely fashionable. Wrapping all the way around the hat, they give it a sense of depth and style that only Fila could pull off with their trademarked colors. Wrap-Around Brim – This brim offers a lot more protection than you may realize. This can keep the sun out of your eyes, off of your neck and shoulders, and even hold up to a little bit of rain to keep you drier for longer. Embroidered Logo – A lot of clothing items use iron-on logos that look cheap and end up falling off. With this hat, you get an embroidered logo that will last as long as the hat lasts.


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